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Apr 21, 2022
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A knowledge base is an indispensable element for the company both internally and externally. Do you want to know what this topic is about? Find out by reading this content to the end! angel lopez Jan 6 | 7 min read knowledge base The definition of a knowledge base has changed several times throughout the Cork Kids Bicycle Shop history of the Internet. At first, it was a term used to describe any complex data storage system that was more advanced than the common database. Now, with the emergence of SaaS and its different uses, such as in marketing , the term has taken on a different meaning. By definition, a knowledge base is a self-service repository or library used to store easily retrievable information about your product, service, or topic. Essentially, it is a collection of internal or external information about a company, structured in such a way that it can help ideal employees or customers find answers to their questions or concerns. Today, knowledge bases have become an integral part of any knowledge management system. As such, they appear in different formats and with different uses. Keep reading, below you will read what exactly this concept is, its types, the importance of having a successful knowledge base and what to include in one. Knowledge Base: What is it and why do I need one? Types of knowledge bases Importance of having a successful knowledge base How to create a knowledge base? 4 key points to include in a knowledge base Knowledge Base: What is it and why do I need one? As we mentioned earlier, a knowledge base is simply a data repository that functions as a self-service help desk for customers and employees. Contains information about the service, product or a specific topic. These examples can be: frequent questions; procedural articles; troubleshooting guides, or anything leads want to know about the services offered