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Apr 06, 2022
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Again, it just makes sense. Be Everywhere your audience is. The Internet is a mighty big place and your message must be all over the place. You should be marketing on forums, social media, video websites, article directories and anywhere else your potential customers hang out. You can link up all your social media accounts through online sites such a hootsuite and marketmesuite. You can distribute your videos across many different email list platforms through , and you can distribute your articles to the top 5 - 10 article directories. Syndicate your content to get it out there in front of as many eye balls as possible. Isn't it strange how people "love" to buy stuff. We get a good feeling inside when we purchase something we believe will bring us pleasure and value to our lives. But, did you know that people DO NOT like to be sold to? It's true. Obviously we are bombarded each and every day from every angle with sales promotions and we are sick of it to be honest. Well, think about this when approaching potential customers. Rather than selling to them, think about ways in which you can provide enough valuable information that they feel like they are the ones making the buying decision.