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Apr 06, 2022
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the proportion of Gen Z who pursue popular brands is as high as 40%. Reflected in reality, the chain of contempt between genuine products and knockoffs is particularly evident among trendy brands. In the trendy clothing circles such as Lolita, Hanfu, and JK, authentic products not only represent quality, but also reflect the "orthodox" circle identity of the wearer to a certain extent. In addition, the design of domestic brand tide shoes and Putian shoes is similar to that of foreign original tide shoes, which has also caused disputes and complaints in the market many times. Feature 3: Generation Z prefers emotional companionship consumption to obtain spiritual satisfaction. Generation Z is mostly an only child and lacks companionship in the process of growing up, so they have strong social and emotional needs. While heavy schoolwork limits their face-to-face contact with the outside world, it also reduces their common language with friends, prompting Gen Z to constantly seek a common language that can maintain friendships. data, 65% of Gen Z want to have a common language with friends, and 60% of Gen Z want to better integrate into the circle. Feature 4: Prefer experiential consumption. The era in which Generation Z lives is rich in material conditions. At the same time, the class is solidified and social mobility is poor. Personalized, novel, and in-depth experiences that allow Generation Z to explore themselves more freely can arouse their curiosity and go to check in for consumption. This is also verified by KANTAR & QQ advertising data - 46% of Gen Z consumers want to gain a sense of presence from consumption, and 54% of consumers want to have the latest or have not tried experience before. 2. Industry opportunities under trendy consumption Focusing on the category level, Gen Z generally prefers trendy clothing and shoes and bags, trendy beauty, trendy sms marketing service toys and offline experiential consumption. Relatively, these categories also have greater opportunities. 1. Trendy clothing and shoes and bags