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Shahadot Islam
Jun 18, 2022
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The language of the potential customers you want to reach. When you brazil phone number list upload your google ads, bing ads chooses the top-ranking language based on bing ads marketplace data. If your ads are written in target languages ​​that bing doesn't support, your campaign won't import and you'll get an error. Don't worry: multilingual targeting parity with google ads brazil phone number list is coming soon. Target geographies: the geotargets you've chosen for your google ads must match the geotargets in bing ads. If a location target does not exist in bing ads, these campaigns will be mapped to a nearby "Parent" location. For example, I live in duvall, washington, a very small suburb outside of redmond, outside of brazil phone number list seattle. If a campaign targeted duvall in google ads, it may be mapped to the "Greater seattle area" or "Redmond", which is the closest city. In some cases, locations that cannot be matched will not be imported, even if campaigns are active in other locations.It is easy to check the imported location brazil phone number list targets in the import summary, at which point you can decide to keep or change the supported target locations, or remove the target location altogether. Campaign tracking: it is useful to know how visitors reach your website. To brazil phone number list get this information, you need to set the "Utm_source" parameter to bing for the campaigns you imported from google. And it's easy to do - this help page explains how.Device targeting: good news here - you can now import extended device targeting. Bing ads supports the same values ​​as google brazil phone number list ads, which means you have more flexibility to adjust bids and improve your roi on ad spend.
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