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Md Sultan
Apr 04, 2022
In General Discussions
Need to call your customers frequently for service requests or sales? Streamline your calls with a predictive dialer. Explore these Five9 alternatives. Comparison of the employee contact list 4 best tools for predictive dialer software With limited time, customer service or sales agents shouldn't have to manually dial phone numbers and wait for customers to employee contact list answer calls. With technologies like predictive dialers, this whole process can be automated so that agents are only involved after customers answer the call. Five9 is one of the top 20 call center software tools from Capterra that offers predictive dialing functionality. It helps companies manage their customer service and sales calls and is used by companies such as DoorDash. Lululemon, Estee Lauder, Expedia and DHL. However, because famous companies use this tool, it does not become the right choice for your business. It's the employee contact list always a good idea to look at a few alternatives. We have compiled a list of the best Five9 alternatives that offer similar predictive dialing capabilities. To be considered in this list, the tools had to offer a predictive dialer as a main feature. They also had to employee contact list have a 4+ rating in the last year on Capterra's product directory. For more details on how we selected these tools, please see our methodology here. Here are the tools we'll cover, in alphabetical order: Comparison of the 4 best tools for predictive dialer software 1. Luminous pattern Bright Pattern is a contact center tool quite similar to employee contact list Five9. It offers a cloud-based predictive dialer as one of its core features. Its other key features include full call control from the web browser, call transcription, conversation continuity of dropped calls, and virtual queue with call back. Highlights of the tool include: Automatic call progress analysis that detects when an answering machine or person accepts a call and knows when to leave messages or connect callers to agents. Personal routing through contacts identified using data from a customer relationship management (CRM) tool so that customer calls are routed to employee contact list the same agents or team that served them before.
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